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Grown Up Friendship Bracelets

Here’s a little twist on the ever popular Friendship Bracelets that lets you change them out if you are getting dressed up for a more formal occasion.


Embroidery Floss


Toggle Closure


Safety Pin


Start by cutting a bunch of lengths of embroidery floss and tying them together with one big knot. Push a safety pin through that knot and use it to anchor it to some surface (a blanket or a pillow, say) so you have both hands to tie your knots. The finished width of your bracelet will depend on how many pieces of embroidery floss you use. You should also cut each piece plenty long enough. I found 4" of floss to be about what you need to make 1" of bracelet, if your bracelet is 8 pieces wide. If you make it wider than that, you'll also need to make your pieces longer.

Take the thread farthest on the left and tie a knot around the thread next to it by looping it around and pulling it through. For my pattern, I tied two knots around each thread.

Pick up the next thread and tie two knots around it, and repeat this all the way across the row. Then start over again with the new left-most thread and tie knots over and over again until your bracelet is the size you want.

Tie the threads together in a knot and cut off any extra, leaving a couple of inches to tie on the toggle closure. I just slipped a couple of the threads through the holes on the clasp and tied little knots.

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