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Groundhog Puppet

It’s time for the Groundhog to show himself. The kids can have fun making and playing with their own Groundhog Puppet as they look forward to spring.


Brown craft foam
Wiggle eyes
Scrap of white craft foam
Scrap of black craft foam
PVA (White) glue
Black permanent marker


Cut two small oval shapes from the brown foam (these need to be about as long as your index finger and about 5cm wide). You can click on our printables if you prefer to use our pattern.

Place a thin line of glue around one of the ovals leaving a gap at the bottom, and stick the other oval on top.

Cut out two feet and a head shape from the brown foam and glue these to the top oval. Cut out a tiny white rectangle for the teeth and a tiny black oval for the nose. Glue the eyes nose and teeth to the head and leave to dry.


When the glue is dry add some details with black pen.

You might also enjoy makeing a NoBake Groundhog Cake.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of ActivityVillage.co.uk.

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