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Fuzzy Valentine Cheese Balls

Kids can help make these Fuzzy Valentine Cheese Balls for your Valentine’s Day festivities. The only problem with edible crafts is the kids may eat more than they make for the party, but then craft time is fun time.

Why not plan a Valentine Party where crafts are the featured entertainment. Nothing has to be perfect and kids having fun is the rule of the day.


Flavored cream cheese (or use your favorite cheese ball recipe)
Shredded cheese (any white cheese will work)
Butterfly shaped crackers
Rice noodles, chow mein noodles, or pretzel sticks
Black olives
Mini heart shaped cutter (or use kitchen scissors)
Round decorating tip (or scissors)


Scoop out about a tablespoon of flavored cream cheese. Drop it into a bowl filled with shredded cheese. Roll the cream cheese in the cheese. Remove from the bowl.

Cut the butterfly crackers in half. I cut out the middle of the crackers, but it isn't really necessary. Spread some flavored cream cheese on the cut edge of the cracker. Set the cheese ball on top of the cracker.

Cut small hearts out of the pepperoni. Attach the hearts to one end of the rice noodles using cream cheese as glue. Press two rice noodle antennae into each warm fuzzy cheese ball.

Cut slices off of the black olives. Use the pointed end of the pastry tip to cut small round pieces from each olive slice. Press the pastry tip into the olive, twist and remove. Tap the larger round end of the pastry tip on the counter, allowing the round piece of olive to fall out. You can also just cut them with scissors or perhaps a straw. Press two olive pieces into the front side of the warm fuzzy cheese balls for the eyes.

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Hungry Happenings

Beth Jackson Klosterboer is the author of Hungry Halloween featuring Movie Monster Munchies, Bewitched Buffet, and Dead Man\'s Diner. She has been a chocolatier and party planner for over 20 years and creates edible crafts which she features on her her blogs, http:www.HungryHappenings.com and http://www.HungryHalloween.com.

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