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Frog Hat

Hop right into Earth Day or any day with this delightful Frog Hat made from a recycled ceareal box.


Cereal box - opened to lie flat
Construction paper - green and white
Cellophane tape
Glue stick


Cut a 2" wide strip of cardboard from the length of the cereal box. Fit this strip around your child\\\\'s head and staple the ends in place to create a ring or band. Cut off any excess cardboard. Cover the cardboard with green construction paper. Use tape to secure the paper.

Draw and cut a green construction paper frog face. Decorate it with marker. Draw and cut frog eyes from white construction paper. Decorate these with marker. Glue the bottom of the eyes to the frog\\\\'s head at the back of the green construction paper. The eyes should be at the top of the head. Glue the bottom of the frog\\\\'s head to the front of your green band.

Draw and cut two arms and hands from green construction paper. Decorate these with marker and glue them to the band at the sides of the head.

Draw and cut two frog legs and feet from green construction paper. Decorate these with maker. Tape the tops of the frog\\\\'s legs to the inside of the band at either side of the frog\\\\'s head. The legs should hang out from the bottom of the band.

This craft was designed by Marie from West Dundee, Il and reprinted courtesy of ThriftyFun.com.

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