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Friendly Snake

Don’t let anyone tell you all snakes are bad. This delightful creature will provide a lot of fun long after the craft project is finished.


Wood shapes – one 1 ½” oval, six 2” ovals, one 2 ½” oval, one 3 ¼” oval

Wiggle eyes – 12 mm
Acrylic paint – olive green, bright green, honey brown, dark pine, and fuchsia

Paint brushes
Hand drill
Eight gold paper fasteners
Fine point black permanent marker

Adult supervision is needed when using some tools.


For rouging and dry brushing – dip a dry bristle brush in paint, wipe the brush on a paper towel until it is almost dry, and then wipe the brush on the designated area.

Drill a hole in one end of the extra-large and small ovals. Drill holes in both ends of the medium and large ovals. Make sure the hole is large enough for the brad to swivel

Paint the extra-large oval and the two medium ovals with olive green. Paint the large oval and the two medium ovals with bright green. Paint the two medium ovals and small oval with honey brown.

Rouge the cheek on the extra-large head oval with fuchsia. Dry brush the edges of all the ovals with dark pine.

Paint random dots on the ovals, using the end of a paintbrush handle. Paint dots on olive green ovals with bright green (paint dots on cheek on head). Paint dots on bright green ovals with honey brown. Paint dots on honey brown ovals with olive green.

Draw the mouth, nostril and a line round each of the ovals with the marker. Glue the wiggle eye to the head.

Attach ovals, using paper fasteners through the holes, going from the largest to the smallest, repeating colors in the following pattern: olive green, bright green, honey brown.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Craftsforkids.com

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