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Flowered Easter Bonnet

Pretty as can be! Make this hat to wear in your own little Easter Parade or use it as a centerpiece.


18" x 24" Heavy Ivory Paper
Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green Letter Size Paper
Flowers: Print 2 each on yellow, purple, and pink
Leaves: 2 each on green
Tacky Glue
Hole Punch


Cut heavy ivory paper into approximately a 16" circle with a 7" circle cut out of the middle. This becomes the hat brim. Exact sizing won't really matter.

Cut twelve 1" x 11" strips out of the same paper. Fold each strip up ¼" from both ends.

Tuck folded ends of one of the strips under the inner circle of the brim allowing the strip to gently bend upward. Do the same with another strip, criss-crossing the first strip.

Continue with additional strips until a solid crown is formed.

Click on Printables, print and cut out flowers and leaves. Printed side will be the back of the flowers and leaves. Bend pieces up slightly on the dotted lines. This will add depth to the flowers. Assemble flowers by layering pieces. Use a small dot of glue in the center of each piece to secure. Punch out small circles with a standard whole punch for flower centers.
Glue the flowers around the hat. Glue on leaves, tucking them under flower petals.

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