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Fancy Shoelace Headband

Getting ready to go back to school is exciting especially when you get the kids involved with projects like this Fancy Shoelace Headband. Who says shoelaces have to be used for shoes. Take a trip to the Dollar Store for these supplies and make one to match every outfit.


2 Colors Fancy Shoelace

Plain Plastic Headband

Hot Glue Gun


Take one strand of each shoelace and cut off the tip. Then put a dab of glue approximately 2 inches up from one end and glue down the end of one lace with the corresponding lace right next to it. Carefully wrap the lace tightly around the headband adhering it with glue frequently. Don't use too much at a time. End approximately 2 inches from the other end.

Take the remaining two laces and using them as one, tie into a bow with one end longer than the other.

You can also make a simpler version by eliminating the bow.

Glue to the headband using the picture as a reference.

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