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Eight Point Snowflake

REAL SNOWFLAKES HAVE SIX POINTS, but don’t be afraid to make this Eight Point Snowflake. It can be fun to cut out patterns that have different numbers of points, but these are usually called STARS. Only the six-pointed ones should really be called SNOWFLAKES.



Small sharp scissors


Cut out the square on the printable page (outer line).

Fold the square in half along the dashed line labeled FOLD 1. Keep the grey and white triangle (1/8th of snowflake) visible after each step.

Fold in half again along the line labeled FOLD 2 which extends to the center of the snowflake.

Fold along the diagonal of the square on the line labeled FOLD 3 so that you are left with a triangle shape of folded paper with the grey snowflake image filling one side.

With a small pair of sharp scissors cut away all the grey areas so that only the white areas between the grey patches remain. Carefully unfold to reveal your completed snowflake.

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Image of Eight Point Snowflake


Image of Daves Snowflake Page
Daves Snowflake Page

"My family and I have been making paper snowflakes for many years. Each Christmas we make a few more to add to our collection. They provide a wintry personal touch to Christmas decorations and if handled with care the snowflakes can be used over and over for many years. I hope you enjoy the paper snowflakes at www.daves-snowflakes.com and that they inspire you to create your own paper snowflakes."

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