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Duct Tape Monster

Nine year old contest winner, Emily from Scottsdale, Arizona, submitted this cute Duct Tape Monster to our craft contest. Emily loves diving,  reading and doing arts and crafts. Send us your contest entry, and maybe you will have your craft posted too.

Trivia:  Duct tape was actually created to prevent any moisture trapping inside the ammunition cases for the American military in WW II.


Q tips
Old picture
Duck Tape
Popsicle sticks


Cover a old photo in duck tape this is the body and face

Rip a piece of tape in half and wrap it around the middle

Put a smaller square on top of that this is now the belt

Take a Qtip and dip in done with or light blue paint and make two medium sized circles about three centimeters away from the belt

Take the other side of the Qtip and dip it in black paint that make a small dot in the middle of the blue circles this is the eyes

Make a make a black mouth under the eyes

Cut a Popsicle stick in half and wrap both half's in duck tape. Then tape them on the back so they stick up like horns

Have fun playing with your duck tape monster!

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Image of Duct Tape Monster


Image of FreeKidsCrafts Contest Winner
FreeKidsCrafts Contest Winner

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