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Dream Catcher

According to Native American legend, the Dream Catcher allows good dreams to pass through and slide down onto the sleeper. A bad dream becomes entangled in the web of the Dream Catcher.


5" Hoop or Ring
4 Yards Hemp or String
Pony Beads
Ultimate Craft Glue


Cut a 70" piece of hemp or string. Tie one end to the ring. Click on printables and then the thumbnail to see illustration and began tying half hitches all around. Pull string firmly between each loop. When you get to the middle tie off and trim.

Cut a 7" piece of hemp or string. Tie to the bottom of the ring.

Slide 3 pony beads on the strings, put a dab of glue on the shaft of two feathers and push inside the pony beads.

Cut 2 more 7" pieces of hemp or string. Repeat as above tying one to each side of the dream catcher. Make a small loop of cord for hanging and tie to top.

Enjoy sweet dreams.

Books you might enjoy with this craft:

Dream Catchers by Lisa Suhay and Louis S. Glanzman

Serendipity and the Dream Catcher by Gwyn English Nielson

Nelson Paige and the Dream Catcher by B. J. Lamberti

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This craft reprinted courtesy of Terri of MakingFriends.com.

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