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Cute Paper Mache Penguins

These cheery little Penguins will keep little hands busy and provide hours of happy smiles when finished.


Papier mache paste
White glue
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Masking tape
Wiggle eyes
Black permanent marker


 Use a balloon to make a papier mache, click here for a step-by-step guide. The papier mache will dry within 2 to 3 days.
 2. When the papier mache has completely dried, pop the balloon and widen the hole on the papier mache a little bit, just large enough for a funnel to get through (approximately ½ to 1 inch diameter). Remove the balloon latex as well.

 3. Insert a funnel through the hole and pour ½ cup of sand into the papier mache.

 4. The sand will allow the papier mache to balance and stand on its own. If it's still a bit wobbly, add a bit more sand until it is balanced.

 5. Draw and cut out a pair of wings and feet out of cardboard.

 6. Tape the wings and feet to the papier mache body with masking tape.
 7. Papier mache over the hole on top as well as over the areas with masking tape. Allow the papier mache to dry.
 8. Once dry, paint over the whole sculpture with acrylic paint.

 9. Glue on any of these materials for the eyes and mouth

EYES - wiggle eyes, buttons, flat beads or round paper cut-outs

MOUTH- paint or paper cut-out

This project is reprinted courtesy of FirstPalette.com.

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