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Crepe Streamer Flowers

This is a simple and easy method of turning streamers into beautiful Crepe Streamer Flowers. You’ll be able to make lots of them for a party or decorations.


XL Glue Dots (use XXL Glue Dots for a larger flower)
Crepe Paper Streamer


Cut a strip of crepe paper streamer in half length-wise.

Peel the white wrap off of an XL Glue Dot, but keep the dot on the clear sheet for positioning later.
With the open side facing outward, press the corner of the streamer into the center of the XL Glue Dot.

Pleat and press the edge of the streamer into the XL Glue Dot while spiraling it toward the outside of the XL Glue Dot.

When the entire XL Glue Dot has been covered by the streamer, cut the excess streamer off and press the end firmly into the XL Glue Dot.

Use your fingers to lightly stretch the flower into desired shape.

Peel the clear wrap and adhere your flower to anything you like!

You now have a great paper flower that you can use to decorate the lid of a box or around the home.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Glue Dots.

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