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Cleopatra Wig

Whether you are staging a play or looking for inspiration for Halloween,this Cleopatra wig is a great starting point.


Lion Brand Yarn:

   570-150 Festive Fur Yarn: Silver 1 ball
   990-150 Glitterspun Yarn: Silver 1 ball
Grey baseball cap
Glue gun
Rubber bands
Ribbon (optional


Cut brim off baseball cap.

To form bangs, cut 15 pieces of Festive Fur each 12 in. [30.5 cm] long. Tie yarn together tightly in center with double strand of yarn and fold in half. Repeat 5 times with Glitterspun.

For hair, cut remaining Festive Fur into 1 yd. [1 m] pieces. Tie pieces together tightly in center with double strand of yarn.

For braid, cut 24 pieces of Glitterspun each 1 yd. [1 m] long. Tie pieces together tightly in center with a double strand of yarn and fold in half at tie. Divide yarn into 3 bunches of 16 strands each and braid. Fasten rubber band or ribbon tightly around end of braid to secure. Trim ends. Repeat for second braid.

To assemble wig, glue Glitterspun bangs along outside front of cap, about 2 in. [5 cm] above lower edge. Glue Festive Fur bangs at center front of cap. Glue a Glitterspun braid to each side of bangs. Glue Festive Fur hair centered on top of cap. Trim as desired.

This project is reprinted courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn.

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Image of Cleopatra Wig


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Lion Brand Yarn

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