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Cheerleader Gift Bag

Football season is starting and there is nothing better than a football themed party even for the girls. These Cheerleader Gift Bags make the perfect take away and show school spirit too.


Light tan gift bag
Brown, tan, lime green, dark green, pink, blue foam
Red ribbon
4 small white pom poms
Yarn to make cheerleader pom pom
Wood coffee stirrer or popsicle stick
Medium google eyes

Editor's Note: Make your pom poms in school colors.


Click on Printables and print and cut out foam parts by using pattern pieces

Tie ribbon on each side of hair and tie into bows

Glue on face and the hair

Glue a white pom pom next to each hair bow

Glue on eyes and cheeks.

Draw smile with black marker

Punch holes in sneakers and lace with ribbon, tying into bow at top

Glue sneakers under bag

Write slogan on megaphone and glue on bag.

Glue left hand on, placing fingers over megaphone

Wrap yarn around your 4 fingers many times to achieve a good size ball. Slide yarn off and tie a piece around it to hold together.

Put glue on end of stick and slide into ball of yarn.

Cut ends to shape into pom pom and give it a good shake .

Glue onto bag on right side, then glue hand on top.

Punch holes in center of collar and tie a bow.

Glue collar under face.

Glue a pom pom on each end of bow ribbon

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