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Cardboard Tube Squirrel Craft

This Cardboard Tube Squirrel Craft is cute and fun for kids to make AND it recycles those toilet paper rolls. Better hurry and save as many cardboard tubes as you can because some manufacturers are finding ways to make rolls without them.

Trivia: It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one person uses within their lifetime.


One toilet paper roll
Craft foam - brown, flesh colored, and white
One medium black pompom
Assorted brown and tan colored pompoms
Exacto knife (adult assistance required)
A black marker
A printer


1. Print out the templates. Cut out the pieces (face pieces and body).

2. Glue the face together. We outlined the facial features using the black marker.

3. Using the Exacto knife, cut two slits along the arms of the squirrel. Refer to the template for help.

4. Glue the squirrel's face onto the body.

5. Take the toilet paper roll and cut two centimeters off of one end.

6. Slide the toilet paper roll through the squirrel's arms.

7. Staple the legs of the squirrel to the bottom of the tp roll, so that he will be able to sit. By doing so, you are also creating a bottom to the tp roll, so that what you put inside won't fall out.

8. Fill the toilet paper roll with the brown pompoms.

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