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Cardboard Dragon

An all-activity craft : drawing, cutting, sticking and painting and at the end, a moving toy. Winged dragon, or maybe a lizard or snake, it’s up to you…


Cardboard rolls (toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
Children's paint
Sheets of thick colored paper for the legs and wings (unless you want to paint these as well)


Print the patterns. They've been reduced to a quarter of real size.You can print them out in the full page and let the computer do the work or resize them by plus 400% before printing.

Cut out each pattern

Transfer the patterns onto the cardboard rolls. On the rolls, trace the head and the tail once, and the body 5 to 7 times. Cut out with scissors.

Cut out the wings and legs in the thick colored paper. Mark the folds in the wings with a ruler.

Paint the head, body and tail : we've chosen 2 different colors for the back and belly.

Make holes, four for each body section (but remember, you only need two holes for the head) using a screwdriver or a punch.

Put the head, the body sections and the tail together using the brads. Make sure they overlap properly, all pointing the same way.

Glue on the legs and the wings. Then draw on the eyes, mean-looking or kind, you choose...

This craft reprinted courtesy of Arts and Crafts Ideas.

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