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Butterfly Headband Tiara

Our latest contest winner is Jena from Springfield, Virginia. Jena loves to craft and says “I draw and sculpt a little and I’m always getting crazy ideas.I think crafting is a fun way to get in touch with your creative side.”


Pipe Cleaners




1. Take three pipe cleaners and twist them all together all the way down.

2.Take another three pipe cleaners (or more) and make each one a "lollipop" shape, (including the stick).  Note: these should be white for a cloud effect.

3.Attach them together and on to the head band using the "lollipop sticks".


1.Fold one pipe cleaner in half, careful to leave a loop, twist for loop to stay

2.Pinch loop so it makes two loops, and twist these into place

3.Press loops into circles, perfect as wanted for shape of butterflies

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