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Bubble Wrap Apple Card

This lovely card made with bubble wrap would be perfect for all kinds of occasions. September 29, 2011 is the beginning of Rosh Hashanna and this would be a wonderful card to make for friends and family.


Bubble wrap

White Acrylic paint

Large paint brush or sponge

Construction paper


Cardstock (Optional)

Glue stick


1.Apply not watery gouche or acrylic paint to a piece of bubble wrap with either a large paint brush or a dense sponge.

2.Gently place painted side of bubble wrap on paper, burnish with your fingers, and lift off to view the results. The quickest printing I've ever done with predictable results!

3. Cut out your design. In this case it is a simple apple and glue to your card.

4. And as a side note, I've found that when using colored paper, white paint always looks the best. You know, fresh, clean interesting.

5. Make your own card from construction paper or glue your creation to cardstock cut down to card size. Be creative with your decorations to make it a special one of a kind card.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of CreativeJewishMom.com.

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