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Thanksgiving At My House

by Betty Bose



Thanksgiving is a time for families, food and fond memories of all the blessings we enjoy every day. I must start this article confessing that I am not the world’s best cook. Thanksgiving, however, is one of the easier meals to me. Take one big old turkey, stuff it, make some yummy potatoes, and one or two veggies and sit back and enjoy…that is  unless you are Italian. Italians think the turkey is just one of the many side dishes that accompany this feast.

I get exhausted listening to an Italian friend of mine discuss her Thanksgiving preparations, Antipasto, pasta(s) with homemade sauce (none of that jar stuff thank you) Broccoli Rabe, five or six other side dishes, wine etc and somewhere in there the turkey makes an anti-climactic appearance. I think I put on ten pounds just listening to her. I don’t mind being invited to an Italian repast as long as someone else does the cooking.

Fortunately for me and my family, my son and my son-in-law both love to cook and the rest of us love to sit back and let them do it. I am better off making Tissue Paper Turkeys or a Woven Paper Fruit Basket. I’m not completely unskilled in the kitchen. I do enjoy making desserts and it is usually my assignment to supply them for our family functions.

I will tell you I have raised three children and despite their Mother’s crazy mixed up stuff, none of them are malnurished and neither they nor their spouses have to live up to their mother’s cooking. A small blessing, but a blessing none the less.

I hope each of you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and remember to count your blessings, today and every day.

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