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Summer Crafting

Image of Summer Crafting

By Betty Bose

Editor FreeKidsCrafts.com

Summer is the time to get the kids outdoors exploring the parks, beaches and all of Mother Nature’s beautiful scenery. That doesn’t mean that crafting gets locked away until cold weather returns. There are crafts that incorporate the treasures that you find as you explore. Be sure to take lots of pictures to use with your crafts like the Business Card Holder we have pictured here.

You’ll find a whole section of crafts that use leaves, seeds, rocks, shells etc in our Nature Crafts. But you can also think of crafts that can be enjoyed outdoors like the Tissue Paper Kite or the Japanese Carp Kite. These crafts encourage young people to get out and exercise while they are having fun with crafting.

There are always the days that are just too hot or too rainy to be running around outside. This is the time to pull out the craft box and have some surprise crafts ready to go. Being prepared doesn’t just mean for the little kids. Teenagers get restless on rainy days too. Encourge them to do service work like making Cat Pillows for the local  animal shelter.

Another good idea is to get the kids involved in recycling like Daisy Troop 1456 in Daytona, Florida who made this adorable Piggy Bank from recycled materials. There are tons of Recycled Craft projects for kids of all ages.

Make sure that your craft cupboard, closet or box has all the mateials you need before suggesting a project to make sure the kids don’t get frustrated and you aren’t running to the store for something. A little advance planning makes everybody happier. I find it is alwys good to put some craft items out of sight to make them even more exciting when the time comes to bring them out for crafting adventures.

Then there is the old standby of a box of crayons and Coloring Pages. One of the things I used to do with my kids when they were young was what I called Crazy Color. You point to a spot on the page like hair or blouse or whatever and close your eyes and pick a color. We had lime green hair with orange blouses and red skirts. It may not sound so strange today, but it was revolutionary then.

Have fun crafting and enjoy the summer.

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