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Raising Creative Children

By Betty Bose



Children are creative by nature, and it is up to us as parents to recognize and nurture that part of them. I raised three children, all of whom have their own unique personalities and creative sides. It is easy to identify the child who draws pretty pictures as being creative. I loved to draw as a child, but none of my children were so inclined, but each of them is creative in their own unique way.

The child who loves to sew is creative. Often times starting out with something as simple as a No Sew Pillow will inspire them to move on to a more advanced project like a Bean Bag Bunny or a Panda Pajama Pillow. Who knows you may see them on Project Runway one day.

Younger children who are introduced to Puppets may become intrigued with acting and find hours of pleasure dressing up as Knights or Princesses complete with a crafted crown or armor that you can find in Dress Up andCostume Crafts. The Muppets had to begin somewhere.

There are so many creative outlets for both adults and children. Party Crafts make special holidays or birthday parties even more fun. Playing with Food Crafts and Decorating Crafts allows them to express their creativity that will provide memories for years to come. Look at Martha Stewart.

And most of all don’t neglect the mind. A child’s imagination, as you read to them, conjures up visions that even the most talented artist may not have envisioned. Check out the Storybook Crafts if you want to make it even more fun. Broadway is full of actors and actresses that someone read to as a child.

There is so much more for our children to do than watch TV or play video games. Encourage their creativity and see what a wonderfully creative adult your child grows into.

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