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Organizing Your Craft Supplies

by Amanda Formaro

of Crafts by Amanda

Guest Editor

After a session of crafting with your kids, it would be so easy to just empty the entire tabletop of scraps and extra supplies into the garbage can, wouldn’t it? Of course that’s not economical or environmentally friendly, so instead you’ll need a plan for keeping your craft supplies organized.

Here are several starter ideas for those of you with a growing number of supplies that need their own space:

Plastic Shoe Boxes

These boxes are available at dollar stores and discount department stores. They are see through and have a lid, making them the perfect holder for so many different types of supplies. They stack one on top of the other and make for a very tidy way to hold loose supplies. Some of the boxes I have designated in my own craft room include pom-poms, craft sticks, colored pencils and markers, stickers, feathers, chenille, and tissue paper.

Bead Storage Boxes

These are clear, plastic storage boxes with a snapping lid. They have individual compartments allowing you to keep certain types or colors of beads separate from each other. You can find

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