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Mobile Kid’s Craft Supply Kit

By Amanda Formaro

of CraftsbyAmanda.com



There are plenty of different supplies you can keep on hand for kid’s craft projects, but what if you need supplies on the go? There are some items that seem to be more imperative than others, so if you collect these few items you can have plenty of fun without all the extras.


Start with a $1.00 plastic shoebox, or you can make your own container out of a large recycled cereal box. Cover in it construction paper and decorate however you like. You can even make a handle from felt and staple it to the top of your box.


Fill your supply box with the following items:


10 Sheets of Construction Paper

It’s quite amazing what kids can create with a stack of construction paper. Folding, cutting, tearing and pasting, colorful pieces of paper are transformed into mini works of art. Stack ten sheets in various colors, roll them up and secure with a rubber band.


4 Sheets of Felt

Much like construction paper, you can hand a child a few sheets of felt and let them create! Felt is easy to handle and wraps nicely around paper towel rolls and recycled cereal boxes. It’s also a fun fabric to use when teaching children how to use a sewing needle. As with the construction paper, stack and roll the sheets to store in your kit.



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