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Make Mother Nature Your Craft Supply Store

Image of Make Mother Nature  Your Craft Supply StoreSummer is a wonderful time for exploring the outdoors and all of Mother Nature’s free craft materials. Take time as you explore the woods, mountains and beaches to collect items that you can use when you return home. This is even more fun when you are on vacation or away at camp where your found treasures will have special memories. After checking with an adult before you start collecting to make sure it is permitted where you are, start your adventure with a container designated for found objects. We’ve posted a fun Eagle Treasure Bucket  but a shoebox or a bag will work just fine. The important thing is that they arrive at your destination with you. 

 You might want to plan ahead and bring some zip lock bags or plastic vials to protect your specimens. That way if you stow them in a backpack they won’t get crushed. Shells, pretty stones, sand, twigs, ferns, flowers, seeds, leaves, pinecones, and acorns all lend themselves to fun crafts.Then look at some of the Nature Crafts on FreeKidsCrafts.com for ideas and let your imagination run wild. Our sister site, MakingFriends.com, also has a Nature Bracelet that is a good project for the littlest crafters.


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