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by Betty Bose

Editor, FreeKidsCrafts.com

Ever find that you have just seen the cutest craft project only to discover that the items in the supply list don’t match what you have in the house? That’s true for all but the most ardent crafters.

If you sit back and look creatively at your project, alternate solutions may come to mind.

Here’s what I’m talking about.  Take this Sunflower Mosaic. It is beautiful and caught my eye right away and  I almost discarded it because the materials were expensive and the techniques out of the realm of most of our visitors.

But break it down in a way that makes it possible:

No tiles….what about paint chips from your local paint store?

No paint chips….why not construction paper?

The  glass nippers of course become scissors and the adhesive becomes a glue stick.

The pattern too complex…simplify it by using fewer colors and larger pieces.

The finished project will be beautiful and perfect for the talents of crafters of any age and ability. The advanced crafter can take on the difficult process and the littlest crafters will be happy with their version too.

We have an upcoming project where my granddaughter, Jamie, created a Mosaic using wallpaper samples discarded from the local paint store. Another resource to substitute for tiles.  Just ask them to save the old books for you.

This may seem obvious when working with a mosaic but what about other crafts, like the Tissue Paper Craft projects. Rolling up 50 or 60 tiny pieces of tissue paper is beyond the patience level of most little kids.

Here again it is a matter of simplifying the project to fit the age of the participant. Bigger pieces of tissue paper cover a greater area and the rolling can be a little less compact so that it covers the area quicker. The little crafters will delight in their finished product and the complexity of the craft can be adapted to the age and ability of the children participating.

This is a good project when you have kids of varying ages and skills. Each age group will be challenged and happy with the results.

Hope this inspires you and helps you  take a second look at projects that you might otherwise discard.

What do you think?