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This post was written by my friend Tiffany known as @TiffanysToyBox on Twitter. You’ll enjoy the adventures of her infectious twin boys.

For most of us, a new year means starting fresh and making resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. So whether you are vowing to lose weight or finally go back to school, there is one resolution that I always make and keep: spendingmore time with the family! Oh, and for me, losing weight is definitely on my list too!

As an entertainment lawyer, wife, mom, blogger and producer of the eco-friendly, kids web series “Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City,” which follows 6 year-old twins Tristin and Tyler as they go around the city interviewing people going green, (wow that was a mouthful), I don’t have much free time to spend with the family.   So, with that in mind, I always try to make the most of the time we do have together and I have found that making crafts is an ideal way to do that.  Not only do we get to enjoy each other’s company, but we craft things that are meaningful to us andthat allow us to express our creativity.  We also try to craft green as much as we can.

What is “crafting green” you ask?  Ah ha! According to Tristin and Tyler, it’s the best way to craft!  Crafting green is a way to make crafts using materials that would otherwise be disposed of and would end up in a landfill.   So, before you throw away a plastic container, try making this Recycled Robot Craft! Before you toss a cardboard tube, how about trying this Recycled Bi Plane Craft? Are you tossing a glass bottle, WAIT! Try this craft Twig Vase instead!

Why craft green?  Not only are you showing your family the importance of reusing items that would otherwise live in a landfill somewhere taking decades to decompose, but you’re also saving money by using items you’ve already purchased that are sitting around the house.  Check out Tristin and Tyler crafting green by turning a Trash Can Into a Robot or  turning a Cereal Box into a Wallet.

So, you want to GO BIG with your green crafting, huh?  Well then have a party! We’ve had several crafting parties, and my favorite kind has been the t-shirt parties! Even adults love to design their own clothing, so everyone can come with their own t-shirt (or other clothing items), and they can draw, cut, shred, knot, embellish and dazzle up their own shirts to oblivion. Check out Tristin and Tyler’s t-shirt party for some cool ideas.

So this year, make a promise to spend more time with the family and help save
the earth at the same time! Make a RESOLUTION TO REUSE!

Enjoy the New Year and all the great, green family crafting that (hopefully)
comes along with it!


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