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Halloween in the UK

Image of Halloween in the UKThis week we are visiting the Uk as a guest of Vicky Conner-Grigg, my twitter friend known as @bluefruit. To say that she is Halloween obsessed is putting it mildly. She was married on Halloween in a red gown. Reception was complete Halloween decor. Vicky is a writer and kids craft expert (www.the-art-angels.co.uk) who lives with her husband and 2 children in the UK. She got married on Halloween in 2009 and is obsessed with all things spooky!

When I was a little girl I thought Halloween was invented for me and me alone. My birthday falls just a couple of days before and every year my parents would throw me a Halloween themed party. The food would be scary, the costumes spooky and the trick or treating a real scream…for a while there it never occurred to me that ALL boys and girls were celebrating along with me and to be honest, in the UK this was entirely plausible. Halloween has only become big business in the UK over the last 10 years or so and before this it was definitely a minority activity taken up by teachers looking for a classroom theme or adults looking for an excuse for a party. Now however, Halloween is EVERYWHERE. The supermarkets are filled with costumes, treats, ghost shaped biscuits and witch shaped cakes. The night itself is filled with trick or treaters knocking on doors, looking for donations to fill their pumpkin bags or witches cauldrons.

The UK’s take on Halloween is slightly different to that of our US cousins with our vision being entirely obsessed with the scary side of things. A Halloween costume in the UK must be scary or must encompass all that is dark and mysterious; in the US it is just about dressing up with children choosing to be fairies or princesses. This is slightly

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