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Halloween in the Dark Ages

by Betty Bose

Editor: FreeKidsCrafts.com 

I had hoped to bring you Halloween in Singapore from my Twitter friend @PearlAtPlay, but she tells me that except for the ExPats no one celebrates this ghoulish holiday in Singapore. I then decided that I would go to an area that is probably as foreign as a different country, my younger years. I am 71 years old and it was definitely a different time.

I feel I must set the scene properly. Initially we didn’t even have TV; not even the the little black and white ones with rabbit ears and most certainly did not have ipods, video games or cell phones. No one wore designer shoes, let alone designer sneakers. Clothes were washed once a week and you were expected to wear something more than once before it hit the laundry basket.  The Dark Ages for sure.

Having laid the groundwork, by now you must have surmised that no one BOUGHT Halloween costumes. Having been raised in a farming community, school and church were the focal center of social activities. Churches were much more stoic and would not have participated in such frivolous celebrations.

Hence the school became the big event planner. Children came dressed as clowns, tramps, witches and ghosts. Politicians and badly behaved celebrities had not yet become fodder for Halloween dressup. The school band would lead a parade around the small town and everyone would enjoy the outing.

We didn’t Trick or Treat because houses were too far apart. Pumpkins were carved with

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