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by Betty Bose

Editor FreeKidsCrafts.com 

The hustle and bustle that precedes Christmas has subsided. The children are busy playing with their new acquisitions. Life has slowed and if you are in the Northeast United States, it has probably come to a standstill with the big blizzard.

Take this week to try to look at your family with new eyes. They are constantly growing and changing. Take time to get to know each of them from their perspective, learn what they are interested in, not just what you want them to be interested in. It will make it easier to motivate and encourage them to lead productive adult lives.

Crafts are not just for kids who are artsy. If you have a child who loves to be center stage. Make Puppets with that child and let them give shows. Leadership is often exhibited in people who like to be center stage or giving directions on what everybody is supposed to do. Puppets also allow the shy child to say things they are reluctant to otherwise voice.

Our oldest daughter was always organizing the neighborhood children in one activity or another. She set up our own Backyard Olympics. If your child enjoys sports and organizing, check out the Sports and Olympics Crafts to give them some of the props to make it feel authentic.

Your budding fashion designer may enjoy Dress Up and Costume crafts. Don’t be afraid to let them improvise and make a completely unique creation. There is no wrong way to create.

The child who loves to adopt strays may enjoy making No Sew Pillows for the local animal shelter. Stuff these pillows with newspaper for the cats. They love the crinkly sound. This also introduces them to volunteering their time and resources to the less fortunate.

One of the most important things that you can do with your child is read to them. It is a special time for them to spend with you and will have a lasting effect on them. If you would like to add something a little extra, check out the Storybook Crafts for a craft designed to go with some suggested reading material.

Whatever your child is interested in, nurture it and them. It will create some wonderful memories that you can both enjoy for decades to come.

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