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Creating Back To School Excitement

Image of Creating Back To School Excitementby Betty Bose

Editor FreeKidsCrafts.com

September is back to school time for many kids and some will look forward to that experience while others have mixed feelings. I personally loved school. It was admittedly a different time and for a kid raised on a farm it was an opportunity to socialize. Today’s children are much more tech savvy, but some of the low tech projects allow them to interact one on one and can help create good times and wonderful memories.

I have a few of my children’s report cards and programs along with the class photos that I enjoyed bringing out to show them when they had children of their own. I wish I had kept some of their papers and projects too. A Handprint Portfolio is an easy way to keep treasured papers and artwork and the kids will enjoy being a part of preserving their personal school history.

Homework time can be designated with this cute Homework Sign. Hang it on the door and let friends know that when the sign is up their playmate is not available. It may cut down on the interruptions and whines from your student when you have to say “not now“.

Our sister site, MakingFriends.com has Back To School Friends Paper Dolls that young preschoolers can dress and interact with before the big day. It might be enlightening to have them create a play and see what they have their “friends” say about going to school.

While we buy many things for back to school, think about one or two unique items that will bring a smile to kids’ faces as they learn to leave Mom for a few hours. Maybe a Tee Shirt Backpack made from a favorite old tee that has grown too small will provide a warm, fuzzy feeling or that special pride that comes from wearing the Fancy Shoelace Headband that Mom helped make.

If you want to start the year off right, bring the new teacher a personalized Hall Pass in lieu of an apple. The pass will be on her desk long after the apple is gone and it serves a real purpose.

These are only a few suggestions and you will find many more in the School Days or Bookmarks section. Most of all be there to listen and encourage. That is something none of us ever outgrow and stays with us long after we become adults.

For you teachers and class mothers, we have lots of projects set up by themes that will help you create fun projects for kids of all ages.

Happy School Days and Happy Crafting.

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