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Crafting With Preschoolers

Crafting with preschool age children requires an understanding of their abilities and interests. We went to Jen Goode of ProjectsForPreschoolers.com for suggestions on how to tickle their interest. 

Summer break is just around the corner and we’re always looking for great craft project ideas to do with the kids after Mother’s day. Whether you have young kids or older school aged children, there are always fun activity ideas that are sure to keep the kids happy and the creativity flowing. Here are 5 fun craft ideas to try with your kids…

1. Painted flower pots – create pretty painted flower pots using inexpensive terracotta pots and craft paint. Let your kid’s creative take over as they decorate these simple pots into beautiful pieces of art. You can use the pots for your flowers, tomato plants or even organizing the art table inside.

2. Fun with the sun inside and out – Create sunshine inspired art and crafts to celebrate the warmth of the season. An easy project you can do together is a colored paper mosaic. Simply tear colored paper into small pieces, approximately 1” or larger in size. Put glue on another piece of paper and create a pattern or design using the small paper pieces.

3. Nature inspired art – Take a nature walk together and bring a little basket or bucket to collect various outdoor treasures. When you return home, create an art piece from your found objects. Leaves, flower petals, sticks and other items from Mother Nature make for wonderful art supplies.

4. Kitchen time – some of the best projects start in the kitchen. From science experiments to home made playdough, you’ll find a great variety of creative fun just steps away. A super easy idea for young kids is water painting. Using a paintbrush with only water on construction paper, you and your little one can paint fabulous pictures without the mess. Once the paper dries,

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