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Craft Tips For The New Year

Image of Craft Tips For The New Year

by: Betty Bose
Editor FreeKidsCrafts.com 


I found that crafting is a great family experience. Keeping it simple is the key to making it a fun time for kids and adults alike. So let’s start the year off with some simple tips for craft supply use and maintenance.

DUCT TAPE: Duct tape now comes in lots of colors and patterns and has so much potential as a craft material. The kids will love all of the choices and a little goes a long way. The biggest factor when you work with duct tape is its stickiness. A simple solution to keeping your scissors clean is nail polish remover. Just wipe the blades clean whenever necessary and your project will move along much smoother.

When selecting  projects to try, keep the kids age and ability in mind. We have a section called Duct Tape Crafts where you might want to try the Duct Tape Carry-All or the Duct Tape Locker  Mirror.

SHARPENING YOUR SCISSORS: Working with dull scissors can make any craft project a mess and be frustrating to all involved.  Our simple solution, just cut a few times into a piece of folded sandpaper.  Take a look at some of the Cut and Paste Crafts with newly sharpened scissors and see how much more fun it is with the proper sharpened scissors.  The Printable Buddies Pajama Buddies Paper Dolls are a a good way for young children to practice their cutting skills. While it is important to have blunt ended scissors for the smaller kids, dull blades can be very discouraging for them too. The more advanced child may want to try his/her hand at the Valentine Pop Up Card.

OPEN PAPER ROLLS: Have you ever noticed that once you use a little bit of wrapping paper on a roll the rest of it seems to get crumpled and never used either to wrap gifts or to incorporate in a special project. Here’s a simple solution, cut a slit in a cardboard toilet paper roll and slip it around the gift wrap roll to hold it together until you are ready use it again. You can make your own special Homemade Gift Bags from your leftover gift wrap and save money too.

These ideas may not be rock science, but sometimes it is the simple things that make our lives easier and a family craft time something to look forward to. Happy Crafting!

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