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Christmastime Chez Nous

This post was written by my Canadian friend, Kimberley Demers, also known as @KimberWitch on Twitter. She is the mother of two delightful boys and a wonderful chef. Be sure to read all the way to the end for her wonderful recipe.

I have beautiful memories of Christmastime pasts spent with my family. I remember the years our family trekked out to my favourite church service of the year, Midnight Mass. The standout was the year that freezing rain fell and coated everything while we were all inside our little church on the hill. It took us an hour to get home for what normally would have been a seven minute car ride. And when we finally got home, everyone slid right down the driveway and into the garage door. Laughter ensued for awhile after that.

There have been many funny moments over the years that have developed into tradition for our family; like the yearly competition between my mom and me of Who-gets-the-first-eggnog-from-the-grocery-store. It has also come to be expected that when Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is played, I’ll throw myself into my full out crazy white-girl dance. It’s a spectator sport. Believe me. Another cool ritual, begun by my mother is The Naming of The Bird. This started one particular year, when mom was feeling a tad Christian, and decided that if a turkey was gonna give his life for ours, he should at least have a name. We’ve eaten everyone from Alistair to Beatrice to Bob and Jacques. All tasty no matter the name. Also, it’s a given that my sister and I will compete to eat the most stuffing. Every year. Without exception. She’s run off with it to her bedroom, while I’ve packed and escaped with full containers back to my house. The following day always brings the same conversation: Her “Where’s the stuffing?” Me “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”.  My mother calls us animals. And finally, Christmas Day was the one

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