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Make Mother Nature Your Craft Supply Store

Summer is a wonderful time for exploring the outdoors and all of Mother Nature’s free craft materials. Take time as you explore the woods, mountains and beaches to collect items that you can use when you return home. This is even more fun when you are on vacation or away at camp where your found treasures will have special memories. After checking with an adult before you start collecting to make sure it is permitted…

Trash To Treasure

By Amanda Formaroof Crafts by AmandaEveryday as we go through consumable products, we throw away or send to the recycling center plenty of items that can be repurposed into fun craft projects. As a crafter, I tend to look at an empty snack box or milk jug and think of what it could be in its next life. So before you toss that empty cereal box, juice can, or egg carton, put your repurpose hat…
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