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Beaded Initial Necklace

Make your own statement by making a Beaded Initial Necklace. Great fun for yourself or for a friend.


Graph Paper
55 Pony Beads
Two Yards of Satin Cord
Craft Glue


Stiffen the ends of the cord with craft glue. Let dry.

Use graph paper to design your initial. Six columns and nine rows will work for most letters. Click on Printables to see how we did it.

Begin stringing at the bottom. String six pony beads to the middle of your cord.

For the second to bottom row, using your pattern as a guide string pony beads on the right hand cord.

String the left hand cord through the second row of beads in the opposite direction. Pull snug.

Continue until you have finished beading.

String five beads on each cord. Tie ends together. Trim.

Now you can be the first to make this fashion statement.

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