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Apple Shape Book

What a cool way to recycle old paperbacks.


Old paperback

Template made of of thick piece of chipboard

Exacto knife with very sharp blade


Glue stick


Ink or paint for coloring

Decoration or embellishments


If the paperback is too thick split itin half using the exacto blade. Try and make a clean break or you will end up sacrificing some pages. Remove the cover.

Cut a template the shape of half an apple or pumpkin out of the chipboard. Lay the template down on the book and cut around the template. Be careful not to cut into the template and try to cut only a few pages down at a time to start. Try and make one smooth cut if you want to avoid rough edges.

Remove the cut paper leaving the template in place. Cut and repeat. Initially I cut four pages at a time until I got used the hang of it.

Once the book is cut, trim any rough edges you don't want. Especially those that are hanging off. Thiswill help for the next step. Inking.

For color, I used ink refill and diluted it a bit because I wanted it to soak into the paper. I applied it with a cotton ball to the edge of the book.

Once the edges were done, I applied the ink/water mixture to the inside of the pages by using a "flip and wipe" method. I turned the book over and then did the same thing on the other side. I did nottry and get every page but rather a sampling of pages for a worn effect. Let it dry or  stretched it at random to loosen it up.

I chose a stick with a little leaf for my decoration. On the pumpkin I used wired ribbon, wire and lace. I covered the stick with dots and layed it in the top of the apple.

Apply a good craft glue stick to one side of the book making sure you go all the way to the edge. Carefully close book and clamp it tight on the glued pages. I think that papercliips would work for this, too. Let it dry.

Add any additional decorations at this point.Fan the book a couple of times to get an even shape. If you want to make a pumpkin, just change the shape slightly

This craft is reprinted courtesy of the cheekymagpie.blogspot.

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