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Apple Doll

Love this ages old Apple Doll craft. Mama Jenn was inspired by the book The Apple Doll by Elisa Kleven to create this tutorial for everyone to enjoy.


Granny Smith apple
Apple peeler or sharp knife
Plastic knife
Lemon juice (enough to cover your apple)
Pipe cleaners
Glue (we used a hot glue gun)
Googly eyes
Fabric scraps (we used felt)

Editor's Note: Some utensils should only be used by a responsible adult.


1)First peel the apple.

2) With the stem up, use a plastic knife to make a nose. Carve an outline of what you want the finished nose to look like and then carve around that shape so that the nose kind of sticks out.

3) Using a toothpick, make holes for the eyes. (This part really isn’t all that necessary if you plan to use the googly eyes. However, at the time, we didn’t know we were going to use them.) Using the toothpick or the plastic knife, also carve out a mouth.

4) Now that your faces are all ready, put enough lemon juice in a container so that it will cover your apple. Dissolve 1 Tbs of salt into the lemon juice and put the apple in. Use a glass to hold the apple down in the mixture (otherwise the apple will bob up.) Let the apple soak for about 30 minutes.

5) Remove the apple and let it dry for a few days. You could try speeding up the process by using the oven, however, the books warns to cover the nose to prevent burning. We sat ours in a windowsill and rotated the the apple so it would dry evenly…it took about 4 days. The dried apple will feel somewhat spongy and leathery and will have wrinkled quite a bit as well.

6) Once dry, we started making the body using pipe cleaners. We stuck the neck into the bottom of the apple and used a hot glue gun to help hold it in place.

7) Next we used the glue gun to add yarn for the hair. We also glued on the googly eyes.

8) Next we cut out clothes from felt scraps. I used the glue gun to glue the clothes onto the pipe cleaner body.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Mama-Jenn.blogspot.com.

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