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2014 February Coloring Calendar

February is a short month, but a very busy month. Keep the kids on track with their own personal 2014 February Coloring Calendar, where they can note special dates.

Note to Moms & Teachers: Here’s some interesting dates in February to help you plan ahead:

February 2: Ground Hog Day
February 2: Boy Scout Day
February 2: Super Bowl Sunday
February 7: Olympics Begin
February 12: Lincoln’s Birthday
February 14: Valentine’s Day
February 17: President’s Day
February 24: Flag Day


White paper
Markers, crayons or colored pencils


Just click on Printables and print out the 2014 February Coloring Calendar and mark in all the special days, like birthdays or chores that have to be done.

Make it fun by coloring the picture and posting it on your own bulletin board or refrigerator to help the kids plan ahead. Make sure to let them include things that are important to them too.

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